Request - BST - Ignore current application needs keyboard only option

I use Visual Studio Code and some of the keybindings conflict with Better Snap Tool.

I've told BST to "disable BST for current application", but then I can't use the mouse to trigger window resizes.

I'd like the ability to disable BST's keyboard capture independent of it's mouse actions.

  • Jack

Yes, I actually tried to create a custom MacOS shortcut to disable it (because I want to enable/disable) on the fly but it doesn't work.

However disabling the keyboard would be much more beneficial

I'd recommend my other app BetterTouchTool if you need more control over this behavior. (You can activate a free standard license fo BTT if you have installed BetterSnapTool)

There you can create conditional activation groups which can exclude various apps and then assign the shortcuts to such a group: