Replace § with ` (without using Paste Text)


I'm used with ` being located on the left side of 1, but my current keyboard seems to have § on that specific key.

Is there any way to replace that, except using the "Paste text" option? The "Paste text" option doesn't work for me, as the ` is often used for other functions (eg. switching between same app's window). So I'm looking to replace the key, not just paste some text when pressing a key. Karabinier Elements can do this, so I'm wondering if BTT can do this as well.

Thank you

Any information about this? Thank you

As nobody bothered to answer to this thread, I'm not going to purchase your software.

TL;DR: good software, bad support.

BTT can not do this natively, for such use cases Karabiner Elements is great as it works on a much lower level. It could also be achieved using built in tools in macOS: