Repeat Assigned Action NOT Working

im trying to trigger a keyboard key multiple times during a single gesture so i thought i would do this

i tweaked both sliders the repeat rate and the seconds, yet not working
i tried 3 and 4 fingers swipe down, as well as rotate left and right, and still no working
can anybody here help

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Seems to work fine here. However in your setup you would need to wait 10 seconds with your fingers touching the trackpad before the shortcut is triggered again. Is this what you want?

i would like to trigger the action up to 6 times supposing im swipe from the top to the bottom of the touchpad
i tried this too and still triggers only once

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Try a more normal value like 0.2 or something like this. 0.0012 is probably blocked by BTT because it would result in you triggering the shortcut too often. ( 0.0012 repeat rate means it would trigger 84 times in one second)

you're right, problem solved by using 0.2 repeat rate
thanks for your help

..and for the awesome tool also :+1:t2:

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