Repeat assigned action NOT working on TouchBar MAC M1


I am creating new TouchBarButtons for an App called XPlane.
The Buttons work properly, but not with the option: "Repeat Assigned Action while Touching".
I've tried everything but when I press the button on the TouchBar, the action only performance once and doesn't repeat.
I've tried with other apps too, and I am not able to make it work.

I am showing you, just one of the many configurations I've tried before.
I am working on MacbookPro M1, BigSur 11.1
I am working with BetterTouchTool Versión: 3.534.

I also cannot get "Repeat assigned action" to work for Touch Bar items. It works fine for keyboard shortcuts, but on tapping and holding a Touch Bar item, it seems to just wait for the long press delay (no long press configured though!) and then does nothing.

This is on an Intel Mac with macOS 10.14.16, BTT 3.570.