Render HTML not working anymore via Shortcuts?


I've created an input HTML page that was showing via macOS Shortcuts ("Display scriptable HTML or Website in floating window"-action). I didn't use it for a while, but it seems the action doesn't load HTML anymore. It only shows a spinner, but no HTML. Has anything changed? (BTT via SetApp, v4.316) I've tried reinstalling BTT, but no dice unfortunately.

EDIT: even weirder, after a reboot now BTT doesn't show up under macOS Shortcuts anymore... Does this have to do with SetApp or has Shortcuts integration been removed?

ah sorry, it's because the setapp version is not yet updated.
I'll upload a new version to Setapp tomorrow!

Thanks Andreas! I also found out a way to get it working: if I didn't fill out anything under "Optionally replace any occurence of @ShortcutInput@ with ...." it did NOT work; it started working if I filled in anything.