Remove the need for a Modifier Key on Rightclick Assignments for Mouse. Feature Request (Removal?)

Or make it a toggling option. Or it only works on specific applications and not global?

I saw a reddit post for this but it didn't entirely make sense. I get that it can disable right click, globally or on your program, but you can easily remove or disable the assignment if it's disabling right click for whatever reason

I got this application, BTT, because I can't find any alternatives. The only reason I needed it was for this function and it still couldn't do it! (So close!!! I have been searching a long time and your program is as close as I could get! Which is great but for some reason I am the only person that has ever needed a left click = enter option for mac).

Basically the windows version of this application, Rhinoceros 6, has a different action on right click that is more robust but there is no way to have the same action in Mac.

Folivora, I would really appreciate this feature or feature removal and would get the license just for this one action. I uploaded an image showing the 'problem' more.