remove custom slider widget

@Andreas_Hegenberg is it possible to remove the slider widget when its not in use I am using this code to call it only if the url match, but It is still showing up when I am not on that url. its weird because its only the slider widget that does this all the other buttons works completely fine.

Ah true, sliders behave a bit different here currently. I'll look into that.
For now you could put it into a conditional activation group

sry for the delayed response, I would love if you could fix it :slight_smile:

hello again @Andreas_Hegenberg
I can see that It has been fixed so the slider works like other widget. But now a new problem came to existence :unamused: each time I reload the website the slider disappears like every other widgets but the problem is that It don't come back. and sometimes it won't even show up when I'm opening the Touch Bar group.

Here is my code: