Reminders Widget: Improvements and AQT compatibility

Hi @Andreas_hegenberg!

I just saw the new reminders widget function of the calendar widget!

Everything below talks about the "one-event" mode or current day for the widgets.

It seems alright, however it doesn't seem to match AQT's script-based widgets yet.

  • I can't assign actions to these on tap
  • Reminders widget only supports scanning for the current day, AQT's script based reminders widget scans the next week.
  • lowercase am/pm
  • text truncation
  • "No Reminders Due This Week" instead of "No More Events" or custom empty notice?

These would be so good to add to remove iCalBuddy dependancy!

Left is BTT, Right is script based. I made them the same as much as possible. Yes, the BTT reminders does have a reminders icon assigned but it isn't showing for some reason.

Also off-topic:

A better "No info" display of the weather widget is :globe_with_meridians: --° (or better yet, an exclamation-mark-wifi icon)

I'll add more options soon and for full customizability I'll add a scripting function to retrieve the events via Apple Script and then do whatever you want with them :slight_smile:

AM/PM however is retrieved from your system preferences (Language & Region => Advanced):

might need to check again

do you have a region override specified here:


Turned it off, (was set to EN)

Nothing seems to have changed

weird might be a macOS bug then, the docs for the macOS date formatter say this should work :man_shrugging: :slight_smile: Did you restart BTT after changing the region setting?

I'll check if I can add a workaround but that might be hard because BTT completely relies on the system date formatting :-/

yeah, I did restart BTT. I'll try it again
Nope, still caps

There is an option to set custom am/pm symbols, maybe I'll add that to the next version. That should override any system settings.

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Date widget acts the same too!

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Yup it seems like the date formatter ignores the user specified am/pm symbols for some reason. (Probably this setting is hidden so well in System Prefs that even Apple forgot about it :-P)) I'll report that to Apple and for now add an option to the region settings in BTT to override that.

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