Regular versioning confusing

Checking regular version updates offers me the latest alpha version.
I'm using 4.257 (which is latest "stable"?) and when I go check for the next version, it offers 4.260, which is alpha.

4.260 is not considered alpha, however the release notes you see come from the alpha channel. Possibly upgrade to alpha versions is enabled in the BTT general settings?

Ah it could also have been the "manual update checking channel". I updated the release notes for that now, so it should now look better.

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I have those updates disabled. I only use macos brew to manage updating. I am running 4.267 now and when I check for regular releases, it offers me 4.271. I guess that's the new stable? I'd like to stop updating for a bit after I jump to it. Just wanna make sure my installation is stable.

yep, 4.271 should finish the current release cycle

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