Recreate Bitwig's middle-mouse behaviour in Reason

I can normally figure out how to do something in Better Touch Tool just by trying it, but I think I need some help with this one.

I have two music production apps - Reason and Bitwig.
I will always love Reason, but there's one behaviour in Bitwig that just feels so natural that it immediately makes me wish I could do it in Reason.

In Bitwig, to zoom in and out of the music timeline horizontally, you can click and hold the middle mouse button, then drag up or down. It's very natural.

In Reason, to zoom in and out you can (amongst other things):

  • Cmd+Shift then use the mouse wheel.
  • Use a keyboard shortcut

Is there any way to emulate Bitwig's behaviour in Reason? (The middle mouse button doesn't do anything in Reason, so is available for use, so to speak, without removing access to anything else.)