Recently Used > Delete

macOS 13.6.7
BTT 4.621
macbook pro 16' M1Max 32 GB

Clicking "Delete" in the "Recently Used" menu is not cleaning the list of actions:

Sorry, the recently used section can not be deleted like other apps - it is a fixed part of the UI. I'll deactivate the delete option like for the global icon.

Sorry, Andreas, I see now that Delete is an option that all apps have.

I thought that "Delete" was an option to clean the list of Recently Used triggers.

It would be useful to have some filters in this "Recently Used" section, like:

  • Show only triggers in a period of time (here user could define i.e. today from 17:05 to 17:10)
  • Show only triggers used since BTT last start/restart

Also an option to clean all the list would be helpful.