Random appearing and disappearing of configuration window

After OS Update to Big Sur, the configuration window of BTT appears randomly. It appears in front of all open windows and needs to be closed manually. I am experiencing this since the day of the OS Update (when it was released, in November I guess). Didn't figure any pattern. It even happens when the computer is idle, untouched. I look at the screen, doing nothing, and the window pops up. It happens about 5-10 times a day. Rarely it even happens that an open configuration window disappears. BTT meanwhile runs stable and does its job. Just the window that shoots in my face again and again.

Using latest Mac OS, latest stable Version of BTT, rebooted more than once. Did not try to install an alpha. Did even uninstalling and reinstalling BTT.

This is being tracked here: Configuration window appears out of the blue - #19 by Andreas_Hegenberg

It looks like something on some systems randomly tries to start BTT while it’s already running, but I have no idea what it could be. There is a workaround described in the comments

Thanks, Andreas. Just ran your command in Terminal, hope that also works in the V3.553. Will observe my system and write a note in the main thread as soon as I see if that works or not.