Quit apps with middle-click while in exposé?

I'd like to be able to use the middle mouse click (normal mouse) only while app exposé is triggered, to quit the app that the mouse is hovering over.

This to me seems like an intuitive behaviour (similar to quitting tabs in safari/ chrome).

I don't even know how to begin putting this together... is it achievable? (apologies, I'm quite new and still getting used to the heuristics)

There is an action "Quit application under mouse" (or something like that) that should also work if mission control is active.

thanks @Frank1 - but is there a way to only have it active while Mission Control is active?

Not sure. That would require BTT to recognize (perhaps as Advances Conditions) that Mission Control is active.

On the fly, I see that the dock is always visible when Mission Control is active. If your dock is normally hidden, you could set this up so that the action is only performed when the dock is visible. But I'm sure there's a better solution that I don't know. :man_shrugging:

You can create an advanced trigger condition that looks like this:

visible_window_list CONTAINS "Dock - (null)"

(The window without title that belongs to the Dock process, is only active when mission control is active)