Questions to "Next Events" Widget

Hello again,
I like to have my next coming events like this:

With "Today", "Tomorrow" and "The Day after Tomorrow".

And I thought it would work with "Show All Events for Date Range"

For today:
Start # days after today: 0
End after # from start: 0

resp. for tomorrow
Start # days after today: 1
End after # from start: 1

and so on...

It works perfectly fine for today. Showing me only one event. But not for the other days. Look and compare with my example calendar:

You'll see that it will show me 2 events in the touchbar instead of one for each day.

And what about the "Mo." above each date in the touchbar? Does it stand for Monday? It would be great if the day also changes. Like for example:
Tomorrow -> "Tue."

Thank You