Question about menu items on Big Sur

I recently updated to macOS Big Sur and noticed that the menu icons are not keeping their positions when I restart my Mac. I'm not quite sure if it is because of Big Sur or it is a bug of BTT.
I hope you understand what I mean and can help me out.

What menu icons?

Sorry I meant these icons.

You can hide icons with BTT, but since Big Sur, they don't stay at their places on restart.

That might be a bug in Big Sur, or maybe they are now enforcing that developers set an "auto-save name". This was optional on older macOS versions.

Does BTT stay at its place? (I have set such an autosave name for BTT)

Ah ok, I see.
Yes BTT seems to stay at its place.

Yepp, BTT remains :+1:t4:
It is annoying though since I use BTT to hide some icons left from it. But since other App devs de not seem to care about where their icons appear, this fonction turned more into a bug than a feature :confused: Nothing that could be fixed inside BTT though, I guess that's up to the other devs :frowning:

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Hi guys,
I just wanted to let you know that since the last update of Big Sur, the menu items seem to keep their places.

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