Question about "BTT Browser Option"

Hi. I am new to BTT and I have a question...

When I right-click on a weblink, then select "open with…" My options are Chrome, Safari, and also Better Touch Tool.

Can I remove Better Touch Tool as a dropdown option?

What would be the reason I would ever select "Open with..." --> BTT, rather than Chrome, Safari, etc.?

Thank you for your help.

See here: BTT as Default Browser / URL Based Triggers · GitBook

Or, for example, you can use it to automatically open the URL in different browsers depending on the URL.

Thank you Dirk. What if I want to remove BTT from this Dropdown shown here...

Push! How can we remove the "Open with BetterTouchTool" from the list. I personally don't use this feature.
Thanks in advance.

You can not, macOS doesn't allow to do this dynamically as far as I know.

Ok bad and thanks for the fast respond. :+1: