Qt application, Trigger Context Menu Item not triggering

Trigger Context Menu Item doesn't seem to work properly in a Qt application called Ripcord, Ripcord: Desktop Chat Client.

All it does is it behaves like a right click. Just opens the context menu and doesn't select an item. Feels like it cannot match it.

Trigger works on all the rest of the apps I use.

Am I able to debug this somehow?

Unfortunately this works only with apps based on cocoa/appkit because only there the context menus are accessible in a more or less standardized way ;-(

Makes perfect sense. Thanks!

I guess there's no way to do the Right Click and "search" for an item through JavaScript or something so I can "click it" manually?

You could try to send a sequence of events, e.g. rightclick => move mouse to position => leftclick

Or you could use the "find image on screen & move mouse" action (searching for the menu item using a little screenshot of it)

Something like this:

It might need some delay between the actions

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