Python: Execute shell script task from Touch Bar button

I'm struggling with this a bit:

Launch path: /usr/bin/python
Parameter: -c
Script: s="abc"

when I run the script I was getting syntax errors somewhere around the first quote but I can' confirm exactly where now because it keeps crashing when I try and run the script.

Also, in the new Mojave dark mode, script and script output is black text against a black background. Kind of hard to see.

Caught it. MacOS, bless it, is changing my quotes to smart quotes. Turn off in System Preferences->keyboard->text.

And the crash thing seems to be when there's an error in the script text (python).

Also, obscure, I know, but I'd been pasting the launch path using text cut from a terminal. It had a new line in it. BTT seems to dislike this and crashes.

which python in the terminal
select by double clicking on the return line
paste into launch path input box
run script