Problems with BetterTouchTool, Spark, and macOS 14


Since the update to macOS 14.0 (23A344), my Spark email client (v does not behave well in combination with BetterSnapTools (v1.9.9).

In particular, when I “Maximize” the app, it’s like it ignores the macOS menu bar and places the top of the application outside of the screen leaving a few dozens free pixels at the bottom of the screen. The same goes for "Right Half" or "Left Half".

A few times, rebooting BetterSnapTools solved the issue (i.e., afeter reboot it behaved well for a while). Other times, it does not. Could you please investigate into that?


can you try this: BetterSnapTool leaves gap at bottom of window - #11 by Andreas_Hegenberg ?

Hello @Andreas_Hegenberg, the beta you suggested works well for "Maximize", "Top Half", and "Bottom Half". Unfortunately, it still behaves strange for "Right Half" or "Left Half" (see screencast).

I belive it's because the Spark mail client window cannot have such a small width (50% of the screen width). If possible, I'd suggest that BetterSnapTools reduces the width to the minimum, but still snaps the window on the right (or left, respectively).


unfortunately there is no way for BST to determine the minimum size of a window (this is internal to the app). So unfortunately this can not be fixed.

Often you can increase your screen resolution a bit in System Settings => Displays, this can help fitting windows