Problem with "Move Window One Space / Desktop Left / Right"

Describe the bug
Problem with "Move Window One Space / Desktop Left OR Right" Action Item NOT working...
Screen Zooms in instead of moving window to the next space.

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    MACBookPro 10.15.3 Catalina Latest Version.
    BTT ver 3.333 Latest updated just now.

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Did you grant BTT the permission to record your screen in System Preferences => Security & Privacy ? (see for why this is necessary)

Yes Andreas, have given this permission for Screen Recording to both BTT & BST.


The problem is, BetterTouchTool doesn't do a lot for this action. It basically clicks the window title bar and presses "ctrl + arrow left/ right" on the keyboard, which is the shortcut for switching spaces. (It will press a different shortcut in case you have changed the default)

What happens if you try to do this manually?

I noticed you have many mouse / keyboard/trackpad related tools installed. My guess would be, that there is some conflict with one of them.

Sorry late reply, but problem still persists.
I tried manually by clicking on the titile bar & pressing ctrl+arrow,
yes it moves to the next space ok.

but fails with the BTT shortcut only why ?
[...meanwhile in parallel i will try to remove the conflicts & update with feedback]