Problem on Mojave - BTT doesn't show up after Touchbar Sleep

Hey. I really love BTT and purchased a License. Thanx to the Creator at this Point :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have a Problem with the Touch Bar Function.

Always after the Touch Bar on my 2018 13inch MacBook Pro goes into Sleep Mode for more than 20-30 Minutes and I wake it up only the normal Apple Touch Bar comes up but not the BTT one.
If I wake it up after maybe 5-10 Minutes the BTT comes up. But after 20 Minutes or so Apple Touch Bar comes back. So weird !
BTT is active in the Statusbar on the Top. When I go into BTT Preferences, do some clicks inside the Pref Window and close it the BTT Touch Bar comes back on.

It happens all the Time. Over and over again and it really gets on my Nerves.

Why is this happening? What Im doing wrong ?

SHOW Mac OS CONTROL STRIP is unchecked. So it shouldn't show up at all right ?

I have the latest Version installed and everything is up to Date.

In this state the little Program is useless for me :frowning:


Ok, I just found a Topic about this Issue. Hope there's a Fix for this already :confused:
If this is not fixed... any chance to get my Money back ? Coz it will be useless for me like this and I don't wanna pay for something I cannot use like I want/need.
I use it for Touch Bar only.


If you upgrade to the latest version you'll get a new trial period.

Also there is a 14 day refund policy :slight_smile:

Hey Andreas !
Ok. Thanx.
But the Main Question is: Is the Problem fixed ? Or can I just stop reading the whole other Topic ?


Yes, the problem is fixed in all new versions as far as I know.

Ok, i will give it another go now.

See what happens.


Good news, works like a charm now :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany