Prevent Touch Bar display from hiding after inactivity

My Macbook's Touch Bar hides itself after a period of inactivity and re-awakes when the Magic Mouse or trackpad are used. Usually this isn't a problem, but I have started using a Wacom tablet which doesn't wake up the Touch Bar.

Does BTT have a way of keeping the Touch Bar display switched on? Ideally only when plugged into AC power.

I think that's to save the OLED screen. And I'm afraid you can't change that. But am not sure. :man_shrugging:

Ah, yeah that would make sense.

In that case is there any way I get it to wake up every time a song changes in the Music app? The only thing I use the Touch Bar for is as a now playing widget.

This widget is also available for the notch bar, where it remains always visible.