Predefined Action - Scroll Up / Down

Hey Andreas,

I just bought a Logitech G603 Mouse. As is the case for my trackpad, I have actions set to only activate over the dock / menubar. The problem is that I also need to assign a 'neutralizer action' (set "use apple default of do nothing") otherwise I'll see the artifact mentioned here:

Anyway, currently my biggest issue is with the scroll wheel. I'd like to have it do things over the dock / menubar and not have that artifact appear the rest of the time, therefore it would be great if you add scroll up / down to the predefined actions.

Thank you.

+1 @proactivematter - I'd love to see these features added, too!

I've always wanted to create keyboard shortcuts that scroll 1/2 the visible area (i.e., instead of scrolling - up or down - the entire visible area).


scroll to top/bottom would be nice too

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