Potential Bug: Drag Mouse To Position doesn't seem to be working

I am trying to create an action that dismisses my notifications (I know there is the Close All Notification Alerts action, but I don't want to close them, just dismiss them so they still show up in the Notification Center)

Here is my flow:

And it looks like it is working but the mouse drag doesn't seem to register.

Here is a video (I apologize for the shaky clip - I had to use my phone because Quick Time hides notifications :sweat_smile:):

DismissNotifications.bttpreset (5.5 KB)

BTT Version 4.215 (2436)
Mac: 13" M1 MBP 2020
macOS: 13.4 (22F66)

I haven't ruled out that I may need some accessibility permission that I don't know of so that is why I marked it as a potential bug. Thanks for reading and any help would be much appreciated :blush: