Possible to trigger another action when opening a TouchBar group?

Is it possible to trigger an event to run when I open a TouchBar group?

I currently have a group that opens a faux MIDI keyboard but the program needs me to press M to activate input first. I needed to the button that opens the TouchBar group to send M to the program when I open the group.

Yepp! Create a conditional activation group for this using the bottom left plus inside BTT (chose Active Touch Bar Group in the setup menu), then go to the Named & Other Triggers and search for "Conditional Activation group activated" :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: maybe easier: select your Touch Bar group, and hide it (right click on it, or hit ⌘D). Then, create a new button with associated action "open Touch Bar group with name" and as second action using the big plus below "send keyboard shortcut to specific app" :+1:t4:

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The second solution is perfect, thanks!