Possible Shortcut -> 2 specific apps in SplitView and back to full screen?

Hi I real like BTT and using it a lot, I have a question:

Situation: normaly I work on Citrix Full Screen window for work. Sometimes I have Skype Calls outside the Citrix situation. In Which i prefer to split the screen in 1/2 Citrix and 1/2 Skype.

Is it possible that
With shortcut key CMD+FN+1 (for example) to switch automatically to split screen mode (1/2) Skype + (1/2 Citrix)
With shortcut key CMD+FN+1 to Switch to full screen mode Citrix

So when I am working i press CmdFN+2 for full screen Citrix, when I am receiving a call i press CmdFN+1 for a splitscreen Citrix / Skype.

Question is this possible? I was trying this but could not get this working properly..... Do you have any ideas about this?

To restore the two apps to two separate full screen you would have to create several actions for the trigger, which basically will have to click the green button using ⌥ down