Possibility to make BTT as a default browser

Generally idea is about to make possible to set BTT as a default browser, and later on implement different logic based on link. Few examples:

  • User click link in messenger, BTT catch this request as it set as a default browser. In BTT user implemented logic which will checking domain and open link in required browser.
  • User click link in any app, dropdown menu appear with available browser. Together with WebView it will be possible to implement menu which will allow you to select browser to proceed with link.
  • User click youtube links and it open not in browser but in media player.

One of example of app here: https://github.com/johnste/finicky, but with power of BTT there will be much more possibilities.

Yes please. This would help in my quest to replace various utilities with just BTT!

Nice idea! I already have most of the required code in BTT anyways, I’ll definitely add this.


Is it possible to make this configurable? I'd rather not have something that I will never use in the 'open with' menus.

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