Poor gesture control with new large mac trackpads.

Hello everyone,

I've been using BetterTouchTool for many years now, mostly for trackpad controls. It worked like a charm on 2015 Macbook Pro with the small trackpad. However, ever since I got the new mac with the large trackpad, the gestures have been working extremely poorly. It's as if your gestures also need to be a lot bigger for the app to register them. This is especially an issue with my favorite TipSwipe gestures because it's extremely awkward to try to move your index finger from the top of the trackpad all the way to the bottom of it with the other two fingers staying completely stationary.

I tried digging in the settings to fix that, but couldn't find anything related to the trackpad sizes. Does anyone know how to fix that?


Weird, the defaults should work quite well.

You could try to change the sensitivity slider in the settings (make it easier to trigger):

That helped a little, but still feels like it wants me to make the gestures a lot bigger before it triggers. Is there anything else I can change to help this?