Pointer/Link to a touch bar widget across apps


I was wondering if it's possible to implement some kind of pointer / link to a specific widget.

What I mean is the following: let's say I have a weather widget on my global touch bar. I would like to include this widget on some specific apps, however, not by just copy/pasting the existing trigger, but by pointing to it. So if I change the widget on my global touch bar, I would like the changes to appear in all the other apps as well (where I'm pointing to this trigger).

I think you could have just one copy of the widget in a CAG and then use its conditions to define which apps to show it in.

Can you elaborate a bit? I'm pretty new to this, what is a CAG and how can I do what you're referring to? :slight_smile:

So, you already know that you can copy paste a trigger to an app in the left sidebar, yeah? That will allow you to have the same trigger in multiple apps, the only problem you have is that if you update one, you'd have to change everyone of them.

From the same sidebar, instead of picking one app, you can hit the + to create a new "Conditional Activation Group" or CAG. It should look like this,

Once you create a CAG, you get conditions like this,

Whatever app you add here, will now be part of this CAG. Now if you add your triggers here in the CAG as opposed to any single app, it automatically will show in any apps you picked in the conditions. You can later modify the conditions if you want to show them in different apps. And since the trigger would be used just once, modifying it will show the new one in all apps easily

Hope that helps.

Wow this is really cool, I didn't know about this feature. Thanks a lot!