Please implement window move/resize pop-up from BetterSnapTool in BTT

So the only reason I was keeping BetterSnapTool around was for the nifty window move/resize popup that I could assign to a hotkey. Hitting this hotkey (CMD+SHIFT+W in my case) presented a customizable menu of window actions ('resize to left half', 'maximize on next screen', etc.). Unfortunately, BST won't even start (silent failure) on macOS Mojave and I'm guessing you have no plans to update it since most of its features have been subsumed into BTT. However, I'm really missing that window move/resize popup menu. Is there any chance this functionality from BST could be ported over to BTT?

EDIT: Ok, so I just discovered that BST will open if I run from the terminal, but not if I double-click on I can make it work like this, but I'd still like to see the desired functionality in BTT.

EDIT: Added screenshot for reference:

@Andreas_Hegenberg: could I get an official response to this request? Most newer feature requests on this forum have responses from you, so it would be nice to hear one way or another.

I understand that I can assign each of the actions shown to a specific hotkey in BTT. But the nice thing about this pop-up from BST was having to remember only one hotkey to access these commands instead of thirteen hotkeys.

Yep, this is currently not integrated in BTT but I plan to add something similar soon.
It would also be possible to replicate it with the floating webview, here is a quick example that shows a menu when pressing the shortcut opt+cmd+k:

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Ah and by the way: of course BST will be updated for Mojave, but I'm waiting for the final release because there are still many changes happening on the beta.
Currently you can make it work by going to System PReferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy => Accessibility and unchecking & checking the BetterSnapTool item there.

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Awesome news! Thanks very much for the updates about BST and BTT. I look forward to seeing things develop as Mojave is finalized.