Please help: Can't assign middle-click to three-finger tap


I downloaded BTT because I'm interested in using a Magic Trackpad 2 (on an iMac) to make a three-finger tap produce a middle-click.

I thought I'd set this up correctly, but unfortunately I can't get it to work: the three-finger tap is just interpreted by the iMac as a normal left-click.

I'm on Mac OS X Catalina 10.15.6.

I've attached a screenshot of how I've set it up. I've granted all the permissions needed in System Preferences (as far as I know).

Please can you help me to get this working?

Thanks a lot,

Are you maybe using three finger dragging on your system?

In general make sure "look up & data detectors" is not set to three finger tap in System Preferences => Trackpad:

Hello Andreas.

Thanks for your reply. I did indeed have 3-finger drag enabled. I turned off the checkbox in Look Up & Data Detectors. I also had to turn off the three-finger drag in "Enable Dragging" in Accessibility options:

The thing is, I love three-finger drag, and I use it all the time.

Is there any way I can enable both the three-finger drag and a three-finger tap to act as a middle click?

Thanks a lot,

In the BetterTouchTool settings is an option to enable a three finger drag compatibility mode. This might help and allow to keep the three finger drag. I’m currently not at my computer but it should be somewhere in the trackpad settings in BTT

Thanks, I found it.