Please add a "Show all Remaining Events in Date Range

The Touch Bar Next Event / Reminder Widget allows you to see all remaining events for today, but could it be enhanced to show all remaining events in date range? That'll allow me to see my current meeting + the next one, for example. I know I can select "Show all Events in Date Range", but then it also shows past events. Of course it would be better if one could also specify the max number of events, like is already done in the other Date Range selections.

I had this "issue" a few days ago while I was customizing the notch bar (but I guess that the touch bar version of the widget is similar/identical). I solved this using 2 widgets side by side. The first is set to show the remaining events of the current day. The second is set to display the events in a date range that doesn't include the current day. You basically use 2 widgets to do it instead of 1 (which might not be intuitive at first), but since you can fully customize the the appearance the result is exactly the same.

Also, this way you can use a different color for the two widgets to distinguish between the remaining events occurring today and those planned for the next days which is really nice.

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Brilliant! That solves my issue, thanks!