Please add "0x223 AC Home" key as a trigger

Hi, I'm using a Cherry MX Board 3.0 (MX 3850) keyboard on my Mac. In the upper right, it has a key with a little house on it. From checking ControllerMate, I know that it is called "AC Home".

However, BetterTouchTool isn't yet able to catch it. Currently I'm helping myself by catching the trigger in CM and piping it over to BTT via AppleScript (i.e. through »tell application "BetterTouchTool" execute_assigned_actions_for_trigger "{UUID}"« – but that's somewhat clumsy, and ultimately I'd like to get rid of CM.

Is there a way to natively catch the "AC Home" key in BTT, or could you please add it?

… According to (and various other sources), it should be "0x223 AC Home".