Playing workflow has become slow

Hi there, I have been a BTT user for a long time. One of my first tasks was to create a button that runs an apple automator workflow. This has always been fast. Up until a few updates ago. I can't remember when. I press the button and after 5 to 6 seconds the workflow starts.

Not sure how to speed this up — Playing the workflow directly from the apple services menu proves that it is instantly.

Thanks for your suggestions

there hasn’t been a change on how BTT handles automator workflows, but maybe Apple changed something now that they are focusing on Shortcuts.

In the screenshot it says you have asssigned two actions in BTT, what action comes before triggering the automator workflow? Or is this a display error in BTT?

Hi there. Thanks for your swift reply.

There is no action before triggering the workflow.
Its just an 5 to 6 seconds delay after pressing the better touch tool button and when the action run.
There is no delay when I right-click my project folder and run the workflow.
Which makes me assume the delay happens in BTT. No bad words, I still love the app!

In the meantime, I did indeed create a shortcuts alternative, and this works instantly. The only downside is that I can't continue with enter key as the "ask for text" is a multiline vs the automator option.