Pinned/Focused window bugs with mouse actions

Hello, thank you Andreas for your great work !

I love the inclusion of the action "Pin/Unpin Focused Window To Float On Top". Smart way to implement :wink: It works well but when I trigger some mouse actions there are some bugs. When there is window "pinned" and I trigger a mouse action (mouse move, then mouse left click) the "pinned" window disappears. If I go back to the pinned window application, it reappears and and window stays pinned again without triggering action.

If I trigger a move action (mouse move, then mouse click) that is configured on my secondary monitor, mouse trigger works but all my applications get hidden (like ⌘-H) including the pinned window. I have to switch to the apps again so they reappear. Pinned window will get pinned again when I switch back to it.

Are these knows issues?
Thanks !