Pin/Unpin Focused Context Menu To Float On Top

Hi, been using the (NEW) Context Menu pretty much lately. Would love to see a feature like "Pin/Unpin Context Menu To Float On Top" used on the program the context menu is designed for. So when you create a Context Menu for lets say Apple Mail then you can leave it hovering on top but when changing to e.g Finder it disappears. When switching back to Mail it is here again till I trigger another command for it to disappear.
Pretty much the same idea like the palettes in Keyboard Maestro. I would like to concentrate on one app and not have functions like that all over the place so it would be great if BTT can provide something like this.
Thx for reading :wink:

Floating menus will soon be very easy to make. (Currently you can create them using the floating html action, but it will become much easier in about 3 weeks when I have the UI finished to configure them)

They will allow all sorts of themes and be very flexible.

Great! Can't wait for it... :wink:

Any updates on that topic? Had a look at 3.802 but couldn't find anything...

Not yet but working on it!

Thank you, I appreciate it.

By the way, for now the Notch Bar works in a similar way. It is always pinned :rofl: It can be app specific, trigger anything and acts just like a horizontal palette of Keyboard Maestro. Actually, the Notch Bar is even more flexible, because you can change its function with modifiers, which is not possible with the KM palettes :sunglasses:

Thanks Frank. I have already tried that but unfortunately it does not fit the requirement I need.

Sure, honestly, that was more of a humorous post :slight_smile: Like you, I'm looking forward to the new floating notch bar or menus or whatever it's called. But I really hope that the option with the modifiers will remain and that these "menus" will be flexible in size, look and positioning. We will see :slight_smile:

Hi there, is there any progress on this topic?

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