Pin Global Touch Bar Actions


Currently I have a few Global Actions setup for my Touch Bar, with the “Placement” set to “Right”. Unfortunately, when I use other applications that also use “Placement” of “Right”, they are rightmost more (hope that makes sense…) (there is no way to set what is rightmost on the Touch Bar when using a combination of both Global and App Actions). I would like my Global Actions to remain the rightmost actions no matter what other app actions are also placed to the right.

Thank you!

You can select "Show Global Actions After App Specific Actions", I think this will solve your issue

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Thank you @Andreas_Hegenberg!

For anyone else reading this: you’ll also need to enable “Always show this button while BTT Touch Bar is visible (even if global actions are hidden)” for the actions you want pinned.

@Andreas_Hegenberg, there is an unrelated bug, but still related to this thread:

When making a Touch Bar Widget, changing the “Item Placement” under Advanced Configuration shows this:

If you select left or tight, you can no longer click “None” (or, the “blank” option, that results in floating):

If you would like me to open this in a new thread, please let me know.

Thank you.

This is because scrollable widgets can only be placed on the left or right side of the Touch Bar, because they would break scrolling on the middle (scrolling) container.
I think if nothing is selected (which is the default) BTT just uses "Stick to the lefT"