Pause and continue after Return Key

ok I am sorry if this is simple or already posted -- but could not find the solution.

what i am doing: using Bookends to read PDF text: i have a short cut to copy a text and past it in Word where I am wring. However, I want also to add the page reference. To do this, I must use Command-Control-Y which bring up a pop-up window; i fill in the page number, and it takes the reference (the name of the PDF) adds the page number and enters the reference into Word.

The problem is that in Word, I then have to make a few small changes.

THUS, what I want to do is: a) command-control-y → pause till i have typed the number, and then AFTER i click the "return" key... I want the sequence to continue.....

I have tried "Pause" for a 1 second or so ... but this is difficult because I either miss the time or am too early and have to wait....

QUESTION: is it possible to get BTT to stop and wait for me to hit the "return" key before going on with its sequence?

thanks in advance ... I hope this is clear what I am doing and why


I take it is a stupid question and the answer is to be found somewhere....

oh .... I guess I will just have to do more research

Thanks anyway