Outlook Touch Bar question


I created a button for Things 3 in Outlook so I can press that button to trigger an apple script which creates a task.
It works as expected but there are some things I would like to add if it is possible:

  1. When I select a message in Outlook my Things 3 button appear together with "X" and "ESC" buttons on the left side.
    Is it possible to add my Things 3 button so it is visible together with the default Outlook Touch Bar buttons instead of showing it separate?

  2. If 1) is not possible, is there a way to go back to BTT Touch Bar view (my Things 3 button) after I press the ESC button.
    At the moment If I press ESC button on the Touch Bar, it goes back to "default" Outlook Touch Bar view but I don't have any ways to go back to my BTT view.


  1. I'm not entirley sure what you really meant here, but try copying and pasting the Things 3 button into your outlook set



What I ment was that I currently have this setup:

And the result looks like this in Outlook, if I press the (X) it returns to the default Outlook view:

What I would like to do instead is to add that Things 3 button on the same layout as the default Outlook view, this one:

Ah, I see what you mean now!

BTT cannot add or edit the native touch bar set untill apple allows it (probably never).

You can however, change what the BTT button does. (This is a reletivley new BTT feature, update if you can't get to it. It also may be buggy too but it's worked well so far while I use it everyday)

Add a Control Strip Button widget:

This will replace the BTT toggle button with whatever you please. It seems very fitting too as you only need one button to add!

You can also edit the icon, add an action if you hold it, etc.

Hope it worked!

p.s. I suggest you try out my preset: AquaTouch :wink:
(I'm working on outlook support coming soon too)

Ah this is excellent! Thank you very much!

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In my setup, I have configure a short press on the fn keys to swtich btt on/off:
(I kept the long press to display the fn button just in case)

Whoa that seems intuitive @oliviermattelaer, ’ll try it out!