Optionally don't activate windows on move

Translation for the attached picture:
In the "Window movement and size change" section (I don't know if this is right since I use the German version) there is an option to move the window under the cursor instead of the window with current focus.

If the "Window under Mouse cursor" is selected, then there should be an option to not activate the window while/before movement. This should work like the macOS standard feature of dragging of windows in their title bar, where I can prevent the window from gaining focus/activating it by CMD-dragging instead of just dragging the title bar.

Thanks for "upvoting" this feature request.

There should be an option for that:

I think there is a n open bug where that option doesn't show for some languages. If it doesn't try to set BTT to english. I'll fix that soon.

Thanks for the swift reaction. In the German version it looks like this, so it seems to be a UI flaw...