Option to ignore a device?

Is there an option or the ability to ignore a device? I love BTT for touchpad modifications, but I really prefer SteerMouse for managing my Logitech BT mice. However, this can lead to conflicts on occasion.

Is there an option anywhere to ignore either a particular device (like Karabiner Elements does) or an entire class (i.e. mouse)?


If you don't add any mouse related triggers, BTT will not enable any of that functionality.
What kind of issues did you encounter?

Sorry for the delay. What would happen is I'd get a tremendous number of errant "key presses," especially related to going back/forward a page or home/end. I've removed the triggers for "normal mice" but have left the ones for trackpads. I'm guessing that'll fix the problem. That hadn't occurred to me. I've been using BTT so long, it was only after I ditched Logitech Options or whatever for SteerMouse that I really ran into problems. Not entirely, but mostly.

I'll let you know if that doesn't take care of it.


Sorry to dig up this old topic but I'm experiencing the same issue with BTT and Steermouse.

I wonder if there are ways to troubleshoot and pinpoint what's happening.

In my case, I've bound the shortcut CMD+W to a mouse button, to close windows. At random times when I'm using Firefox and I hit the button to close a tab, the keys seem to get "stuck" and keeps closing everything that's in focus.

When that happens, I'd try to quit BTT and the "stuck" key triggers will interfere and prevent from quitting BTT. But if I can click on Quit BTT in between the key triggers, the problem goes away once BTT has quit. Or I'd launch Activity Monitor and quit the BTT processes from there.

So there is some kinda conflict going on, but only with a specific key combo or mouse button, I can't pinpoint it.