Option to group your shortcuts / actions

Hi there, I was wondering wheter there is an option for grouping the keyboard shortucts / other types of BTT actions? I mean, I've greated a group of shortucts that are related with each other and I'd like to "keep them together" for easier enabling/disabling/sharing and overall, a cleaner managament of the apps.

I mean, I'd like to keep a section of kbd shortcuts together somehow: https://i.imgur.com/7IU8oBx.png

Is something like that possible? thanks!

EDIT: just realized, that there are presets... Is there any way I can move some keyboard shortcuts to other preset easly?


my method to move from one preset to another one is

  1. select the destination preset as master
  2. do copy-paste (cmd+c/v) of the preset
  3. remove the original shortcut



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Thanks, worked like charm!