Opening applications in a specific snap area

Hello All,
I'd like Application X to open INSIDE a pre-created snap area without me having to move it there.
Can someone please point me in the right direction? I'm sure it's right in front of my face.

** I did try searching but maybe I'm not using the right keywords.

Thanks in advance!

I have not tested this. But snap areas can be triggered with a shortcut. Just attach this shortcut to the action "open app x".

Thanks for the quick suggestion.

Frank1 is correct, you simply create a shortcut that triggers the snap area and then add the next step to launch the app.

I used automator to create applications for 20 different Chromium profiles. While they work great, unfortunately they don't appear to work in this workflow but I don't think it's any fault of BTT.

Probably best thing to do is create a named trigger for each snap aera (window top left, bottom right, or whatever) and then use that named trigger instead of the shortcut.