open Touch Bar group from url

hello, it is possible to open automatically a Touch Bar group when an url on safari is open ?

You have to

  1. Create a conditional activation group (CAG) with the desired app and as window name contains the domain
  2. Create a trigger that opens the group once the CAG activated
  3. Create the group.
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Can you kindly elaborate on which trigger I need to create?

All of them creates a button that I have to press in order to open the touch bar group.

I need touch bar group in order to hide other elements for this specific application.

For sure, here is what I have for mine:

The CAG:

The trigger:

The Group itself:

but doesn't that still just create a button that you have to press in order to show the touch bar group?

OP original question was to show touch group without creating a button like that?

The trigger "if CAG activated → open group XY" opens the group right ahead. Check out my preset where you find some examples. But you are right, inside my group I have a button to close the group - and if this happens, I see my global actions AND the button to open the group again.

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Thank you so much for your kind reply. It made sense.
Have a nice day!

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Glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face:

If you need to be more specific for the CAG, don't hesitate to add you Browser as as second bullet "Application…is…" :wink:

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This is very helpful. However, I have created a CAG trigger for an app. The trigger works as I have put in a HUD confirmation while testing. But the group of actions I want to load flashes onto the TouchBar briefly but then is not visible. What am I likely to have done wrong?

Oh duh! I was thinking I needed to create another group with all my actions in, but the CAG is the group that gets opened.

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Right. Or just create an empty CAG XY for the sites or whatever, then create a normal group ZA with your actions, and then a trigger "if CAG XY is activated → action: open TouchBar group ZA"
This should work too :slightly_smiling_face:

That's what I was trying to do at first, but it didn't work for me. I'll try again.

I would like to bump this. As this can be tricked; if you do a google search for say youtube or are looking at the wikipedia page for youtube, the CAG would open for these irrelevant sites. some websites also don't have a consistent window name, so they're hard to target.

Does anyone know how to get URLs to work directly with CAGs?

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Any follow up on this?

I ended up using Andreas' suggestion of using a Chrome extension to add the tab's URL to the window title.

I found a solution. I worked with ChatGPT to create a script that loops and updates the variable.

You can run this Terminal Command:

osascript -e 'repeat; tell application "Google Chrome"; set windowCount to count windows; if windowCount is greater than 0 then; set chromeWindow to window 1; set tabURL to URL of active tab of chromeWindow; tell application "BetterTouchTool"; set_string_variable "customVariable1" to tabURL; end tell; else; display alert "No Chrome windows found."; end if; end tell; delay 1; end repeat'

I also made a BTT action to run this terminal command to make it easier.