Odd behavior with decoupled external device power

My Macbook is connected to a USB (midi) keyboard and an audio interface with two independently-powered speakers. Whenever I toggle the power on either speaker, BTT crashes. There is no way for the computer to know the state of the speaker power, so I find this behavior particularly weird. Note that the state of the audio interface does not change; it remains connected to the computer.

Ventura 13.6.3
BTT 4.492

sounds really weird :smiley: is there a crashlog in the macOS console app in the crash reports section?

Yes, I've pasted the report here: -------------------------------------Translated Report (Full Report Below)-- - Pastebin.com

It's strange. It seems to crash in some system function MIDIPacketListAdd so it is somehow MIDI related, but I have absolutely no idea how disconnecting a speaker from power could cause this :neutral_face:

Me neither :man_shrugging: very bizarre. It is reproducible, if you'd like me to gather more information, just let me know.