Now Playing widget suggestions

Thanks for putting this in! A few comments suggestions:

  1. Support for chrome? I don't use Safari :frowning:

  2. Support for 2 instances of now playing widget, ie: I would like there to be one widget that is shared between iTunes, Spotify, VLC and a second that is shared for tabs on Chrome/Safari. or ability to select which applications the widget will control (if I'd like to use my own now playing for spotify for example)

  3. Ability to return album year for iTunes (don't think this is possible for Spotify)

I'd love to see all 3 of these suggestions added, particular #2. I really want to be able to set the Now Playing widget to show and control iTunes only. It annoys me when a YouTube video or something takes it over.

I'd also like the ability to specify the text alignment.

Only point 3 will be possible unfortunately. (This uses the Apple API to retrieve the media information, Chrome, VLC and some other don't support that unfortunately). It is the only way to retrieve this data in a performant way, thus I probably won't add hacks for Chrome etc.

I want to keep this widget as performant as possible.

Text alignment setting will also be supported soon.

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Btw.: IINA player is a great free alternative to VLC and supports the widget. ( )

For other apps you'd need to request them adding support for Apple's MediaPlayer.framework "NowPlaying" support.


Gotcha! I'll move over to the native widget for iTunes and keep mine for chrome for now.