Notch Bar crashes regularly


after a couple of minutes the Notch Bar crashes.
Even a restart of BTT doesn't help.
I've to go to settings, disable and re-enable Notch Bar Support to get the Notch Bar back.

I've got the latest (official) version of BTT and MacOS on a MacBook Air M1 with an external monitor.

Do you have some hints what I can check to find out where the fault is?
I don't use

Thanks in advance.

@Andreas_Hegenberg it would be great if you can have a look on it.
Unfortunately I've got no idea where I could start to find a solution.
Thank you.

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg
I seem to be having a similar issue and have no idea where to start looking for a solution.
The notch bar needs to be re-enabled through the config menu it seems when MBA wakes from sleep.
I'm using MBA M2 Ventura 13.4.1 (c).
Seems to have started from around Ventura install.

I am amazed that with a paid software the developer does not get in touch.
I no longer recommend it to my colleagues.
Too bad actually.

Unfortunately there are multiple reasons why the Notch Bar might hide (it's a beta feature which is really hard to integrate). That's why in general I recommend to set up some keyboard shortcut (or other trigger) and assign the "Toggle BTT Notch Bar" action. This allows you to easily bring it back.

Soon the Notch Bar will be replaced by a specialized floating menu (if you haven't tried the floating menu's yet, I'd recommend to do that). This will make it much more stable in the long run.

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@Andreas_Hegenberg thank you for the update.

If I understand you correctly it is not worth to spend time with "Notch Bar" but with the new "Costum floating menu"?