Not able to edit/remove better snap area preset

Dear Every One. I am trying, in vain, to remove a snap area. But when I go to 'edit snap areas' it says there are none to edit. This is not the case. There is an area that I have created. It is there. But I can't remove it. Does anyone know how to fix this problem please?
Thanks Matt

are you possibly running both of my apps (BetterSnapTool and BetterTouchTool)? Then the ones defined in one app won’t be editable in the other app

Thank you so much. Yes! I had set this parameter in the Better Touch Tool. I didn't realise both apps have window snap in common!

in general, if you are running BetterTouchTool you don’t really need BetterSnapTool, it contains the same functionality

OK, good to know. I will delete 'better snap' and keep my menu bar a little less cluttered! :grinning:

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