No Menubar item with MacBook Pro 16", 2021 (Apple M1 Chip)

I just migrated from my old MacBook Pro 16" (Intel) to the new MacBook Pro 2021 with Apple M1-Chip and I am using BetterTouchTool Version: 3.624. Everything works find, except there is no Menubar Icon anymore (the checkmark at "Show Menbar icon" in the BetterTouchTool Settings >> User Interface was set!).
I assume this is connected with the new notch in the menubar of the MacBook Pro since I have some related problems in other apps (e.g. Bartender). Does anyone had similar experience?

The M1 Macbooks often come with a beta of macOS Monterey, if you do not have 12.0.1 installed yet, make sure to update first.

I do have 12.0.1 installed, but I agree that this is also still a beta, since thats not my only problem.

Does the BTT icon appear if Bartender is quit?

no, this happens with or without Bartender installed

by the way, I used a fresh installed BetterTouchTool with empty preset.

Weird, in general I haven't seen any problems with the menubar icon. Do the BTT settings open if you start BTT while it's already running?

yes they do (as normal).

I also have the MacBook Pro 2021 with Apple M1, and my BTT menubar icon is showing correctly.
I'm running MacOS 12.0.1 with BTT 3.624.

thanks thisisted, this information is helpful, since then it seems to be caused by something in my environment/settings.

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