No gestures work 100% reliably on the magic trackpad

I have 9 of these videos, lets start with this one
a simple 2 finger double tap. Has about 50% hit rate

in that example the touch is too light, you need to apply a bit more pressure. This could also be a trackpad issue if you feel you are already adding enough pressure.

You could lower the required pressure in the advanced preferences, but I would not recommend to do so.

However if you can’t get any of the gestures to work, maybe BTT is not the right tool for you. There are other touch apps out there, maybe they fit your touch behavior better

Here is a video of how it should look like (very light touches in my case)

The inner dot is the relevant thing.

ok I got it to work with more pressure. Can you explain this gesture? How does it work?

I can't see anything obviously wrong there, maybe you can:

Which Magic Trackpad are you using?

Ok so mine is definitely broken, its a brand new apple magic track pad. I'm running latest version
macOS 13.3.1 (a)
how do we troubleshoot it?

You can go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send it to - then I can try with your exact settings & setup and see whether I can reproduce the issue with that.

Apart from that there is unfortunately not much you an do to debug. The live view is the best way to see the data, but it seems to be OK. (Although I wonder whether the low pressure for the two finger taps you had is normal, I can't even touch my trackpad that lightly)